Frequently asked questions(FAQ)



Most of students have confusion about stream but Stream Selector Test the assessment helps you determine which stream to take after 10th class. It determines your verbal,clerical, numerical, , spatial and reasoning aptitude. Based on your aptitude and personality, the assessment determines the most suitable stream for you. The aptitude section calculates your strengths and weaknesses to determine abilities required to study the five streams. The interest section helps to determine which type careers is suitable and courses available for higher studies.

‘Psychometric’ means the tests have been  developed to measure abilities, aptitudes, skills, interests or aspects of personality. The test has gives a map to measure all factors considering  in career selection and profession. It will help to identify you attitudes, skills and personalities in a report form in structured way. It is important for a career planning to figure out which courses and profession is suitable to make right career path.

Most of student take subjects without knowing their scope and their future growth. The confusion among students vary with their personal look out and information. By taking a test atleast students can allow themself to explore into various elements like aptitude, skills, interests etc, before taking a decision. It will make 95% chance to choose right careerwith counselling, mentoring, strategies, skill development, resources etc.

Every student has a question their mind how to go ahead in my life. It is self-introspecting when they feel about on their perception.The right way selection of course cannot set according to thinking and common consequences happen with satisfaction, happiness, growth, self development and more

Career counselling is the best way to pick the right career in higher grades and subject selection in 10 grades for college students looking for further opportunities. Because on this way we filters career selection along with competitive exam, admission eligibility, scores, curriculum, scholarships, learning, scopes, jobs titles etc. So career guidance is needed to help organize ones thoughts and ideas on career related decisions and application. It will  boost the confidence of a student to take right direction to become successful