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Why Counselling

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Why Counselling

Most of the students today feel the gap between decision making and deciding the right careers for themselves. How can one make the right decision for their career without having complete information about it?

“I’ve come across many students in my professional journey, most of them have a similar query, they do not have enough information about future courses and are confused about what course/college to take up.” –Mr. Rahul Dasondi added.

In order to bridge the gap, one needs 360-degree knowledge about the stream, course, college, career options, and how to achieve the same. In order to get this in the process, Career Counselling comes into the picture.

Career Counselling is a process that every student must get in today’s world. It makes them aware of their own personality, interest, potential and growth. Career Counselling guides them towards the right career path.

Parents today are worried about their wards future, which is a good thing. Parents being involved in their child’s career decisions is a progressive thing, but it is only helpful if they realize the need for career counselling. “It makes me happy to see how parents these days are very supportive of their chid’s career interests.” He added.